Roadside, Limbs & Leaves


Roadside (Bulk)

White goods, furniture, bulk items and excess household trash will be picked up when the fee of $20.00 / trip using a 1/2 ton pickup truck, is paid in advance.
For pickup requests larger than a 1/2 ton pickup truck, a 1.5 yard dumpster bag can be purchased for a charge of $86.00.  This charge covers landfill fees, cost of the bag, and labor for one operator and one laborer to collect the bag.

Otherwise items at the roadside must be removed by the tenant or property owner.  

The county dump sites are open from 8am to 7pm Monday thru Saturday and are free to the public.
  1. Public Works

    Physical Address
    1013 N Piedmont Avenue
    Kings Mountain, NC 28086

    Phone: 704-734-0735
    Fax: 704-730-2106


Limbs are picked up Monday through Thursday each week on the same route as Garbage Collection. Limbs should be placed behind the curb for pick up.  A pile of limbs equal to a 1-ton pickup truck load (10ft x 10ft x 4ft) per residence per week will be collected without charge.  For piles lager than the accepted size, homeowners/tenants will be notified that they have the option of removing the limbs or paying for the pickup at a rate of $50.00 for each 30 minutes (or fraction thereof).  

The City is not responsible for removing limbs or tree trimmings resulting from work done by a paid contractor.  These limbs should be removed by the contractor in a timely manor.

All refrigerators and other appliances that may contain hazardous gas must be tagged by a qualified technician following the removal of the gas.  Doors on these appliances must be removed prior to placement at the curb and scheduling collection. 

To Schedule a collection:

A resident must go to the Public Works Office, pay the appropriate fee and receive a receipt.  The collection will be entered into the work order system and scheduled for pickup the following day.  (No refunds will be issued).



 LEAF SEASON 2021 - 2022
October 18, 2021  thru February 15, 2022

Starting in October each year the City’s Public Works Department begins the process of retrieving leaves left at the roadside behind the curb.  “Only leaves will be vacuumed.” This "leaf season" runs thru mid-February.  At all other times leaves must be bagged for pickup.  Other pickups will remain as noted above. 
 City leaf crews will be operating a route that will encompass the entire City. You can expect to have your leaves removed within 14-21 business days depending upon the amount of leaves raked out for collection. It is our goal to make it to every street within this specified time. We ask for your patience as we try to accommodate all of our citizens during this time.  The vacuum is unable to process leaf piles that are full of sticks and these piles will be left for the knuckle-boom to collect on their route.  Sticks, twigs and limbs piled separately will be collected by the knuckle-boom crew.   Please call the Stormwater Department with any leaf collection questions at 704-734-4501. 
We respectfully ask that you place all leaves in the grass area behind the curb and off the roadway.  This will assist the City in complying with the Federal Mandated Water Pollution Control Guidelines, by preventing leaves from washing into the storm drains, causing blockages and increases in sedimentation and other organic materials.  It is illegal to blow grass clippings and leaves into the roadway ref. NC General Assembly Chapter 136; Transportation Article 7 Miscellaneous Provision 136-90 & 136-91.