Room Reservation

*The Mauney Library Community Room is currently unavailable for rental by the public*

Library Community Room Use Policy

Mauney Memorial Library's Community Room and kitchen's primary purpose is for programs, activities, and events sponsored by the Library, Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, City of Kings Mountain, and other City and Library-related organizations. When the above groups are not using the meeting room, othr groups may use the room for lawful, non-commercial, cultural, educational, and civic activities.

Use of the Mauney Library Community Room does not constitute Library or City of Kings Mountain endorsement of policies, beliefs, or ideas of any organization.

Download the Reservation Form (PDF)
This form can be saved on your computer, completed and then emailed to The form can also be completed, printed and turned in at the library's main desk.



  • Groups wishing to use the meeting room must complete and have an approved Community Room Use agreement form.
  • Reservations are evaluated on a first come, first served basis and city/library use takes precedence.
  • Requests for the room may be made no more than 3 months in advance.
  • The library reserves the right, with 24-hour notice, to cancel permission to use a meeting room and /or to substitute facilities.
  • The library does not assume liability for injury or damage to personal property, which occurs as a result of the actions of the sponsors or participants in meetings scheduled at the library.
  • Library staff must have access to the room at all times.


  • Meetings must be free and open to the public. No monies may be charged or solicited at any time.
  • Meetings will not be publicized in a manner that suggests library sponsorship or affiliation.
  • Groups serving refreshments and/or using kitchen facilities will be charged a fee.


  • The library assesses fees for food use and use of library equipment. See fee schedule.
  • Fees must be paid before access to the room is given.
  • All fees are non-refundable.

User Responsibilities

  • Chairs and tables will be provided, but must be set up by each group.
  • Users are responsible for returning furniture as the diagram indicates on the interior closet door.
  • Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and for any damage or janitorial service needs resulting from their use.
  • Lights and equipment are to be turned off after use.
  • Smoking, drugs, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Users of any of the meeting rooms are required to comply with the Library Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

  1. Each group shall designate an adult (age 18+) who will be responsible for the behavior of participants.
  2. Normal operation of the library is not to be disrupted by users of the meeting room.
  3. Materials are not to be attached to walls, windows, doors, or furnishings except at the direction of authorized staff.
  4. City of Kings Mountain Fire Department posted occupancy limits will be observed at all times.