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Homework Hotline
Homework Hotline teachers offer assistance weekday evenings to students in all grade levels in all subject areas. The Hotline received more than 3,700 calls last year from Cleveland County students. The local Board of Education supports the Hotline. The Homework Hotline can be reached via phone at 704-476-8315.

Citation Help
Citing your work is about more than just fulfilling the requirements for your assignment; it is a legal and ethical issue. Citations help to give credit where it is due and tells readers where the information came from.     
Citation Builders
Citation builders are programs that can help create your citation.  In most cases, after you select the type of source you are using, you are then prompted to type in the information (author name, title, etc.). The program creates a citation for you to copy into your document.
Not all citation builders are always correct.  Some are slow to adopt changes from style guide updates, may have a programming error, or may include entries that are mistyped. Students should always double check their auto-generated citations for correctness.
Learning Express Library
Achieve the results you want in school, work and daily life with Learning Express Library's self-paced courses and practice certification exams. This resource is free to library card holders. The following training resources are available in Learning Express Library.
LearningExpres Library
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