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Mission Statement

The mission of Kings Mountain's Energy Department is to provide safe and reliable services for our customers at the lowest cost possible; maintain and operate facilities that assure safe, dependable electricity, natural gas, and fiber optics, giving due diligence to all conservation and environmental impacts; to plan for the future to assure adequate resources with progressive but sound economic reasoning.

About Us

The Energy Services Department operates four service divisions:
Each of our divisions operates with you in mind; providing services that are reliable, safe and at the lowest cost possible. We pride ourselves on being professional, well trained and having the proper equipment in order to maintain a high level of service.

We are also proud to be one of the few Cities in North Carolina that offers both electric and natural gas to our customers. With our competitive rates and our strong economic outlook, we believe we are able to offer sound service and affordable rates for those looking to locate in our area of North Carolina. We are customer/owner driven. We invite anyone interested in any of our services to contact us and if you are looking to locate your business in our area please contact us for a visit to discuss our services in detail.
NC Public Power
Electric Cities of North Carolina, Inc.

Electric or Natural Gas Service Issues

In case of a power outage or power issues please call 704-730-2125 this number is monitored 24 hours.  In the case of downed power lines, stay inside your home, business or car, do not approach the area and call 911 to report the emergency.

In case of a suspected natural gas leak or questions regarding your natural gas service call 704-734-4516 this number is monitored 24 hours.   If you know that you have a natural gas leak or if a natural gas line has been hit; first, get clear of the area, go outside if inside and remove yourself and others to a safe distance then call 911.  Avoid doing anything that could cause a spark or static while in the area of the leak.