Codes Enforcement

The Codes Enforcement Department's mission statement is "Safeguarding our community through code compliance." We are here to assist our citizens and future citizens with the following services:
  • Building codes, permits and inspections
  • Minimum housing inspections

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about building codes, permitting or to report a location that “appears” dilapidated etc, email or call 704-734-4599

If you have questions pertaining to Zoning, or need Zoning approval on a form such as a Fence, Accessory Building, Environmental Health approval (septic tank / perk test approval) etc, email Zoning at or call 704-730-2108

If you need to report a concern about high grass, trash / debris in a yard etc., email Zoning at or call 704-730-2108

If you have a concern about junk cars located on someone’s property (NOT in the road, that would be KMPD) call 704-734-4597