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Welcome to the Kings Mountain Human Resources site. By serving the needs of the public, City employees have a great impact on the community. Offering more than basic services, they help maintain the City of Kings Mountains’ high quality of life.

Human Resources Staff

Randy Patterson - Director of HR

Teresa Patterson - HR Administrative Assistant


Application for Employment

Employment Opportunities:
Applications are NOT kept on file
A NEW Application MUST accompany each job for which you are applying
Fax application to 704-730-2107;  mail to City of Kings Mountain, Attn: HR, PO Box 429, Kings Mountain, NC 28086.
Building Inspector III




Supervisor:    Chief Building Inspector




Performs inspections in all four trades, building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical. .  Must possess probationary or standard certification III in four trades from the NC Department of Insurance.  Shall continue the intensive training program in order to act as Chief Building Inspector.




  • Reviews Building Plans and issues Permits within their area of Certification
  • Performs Building Inspections to insure compliance with NC Building Code, within their area of Certification.
  • Approves Final Inspections, issues Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Occupancy with their area of Certification.
  • Issues stop work orders for non-complying projects.
  • Answers questions from private citizens, contractors and others regarding enforcement of North Carolina Building Codes and the City of Kings Mountain Ordinances.
  • Performs minimum housing inspections and completes report for hearing.
  • Testifies in hearing in regards to the minimum housing report.
  • Performs the task of enforcing the City of Kings Mountainís Junked Car Ordinance.
  • Assist the Administrative Assistant with their duties should the need arise.
  • Keeps records of trips and inspections performed and any follow ups that may be required.
  • Assist in training Inspector Trainees.
  • Performs other related tasks as needed.





Possession of Standard Level III Certification in all four trades; Building, Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical.  An intermediate knowledge of the processes of construction and the construction industry, as well as knowledge of construction terms and materials.  The ability to read and interpret building plans and specifications in order to perform inspections.  The ability to read and interpret building codes in order to perform inspections and answer questions from the general public.  Must be able to work and communicate well with all types of people and maintain an appropriate level of professional behavior with the public as well as with co-workers.




This is sometimes physical work requiring the basic life operation functions of stooping, bending, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, climbing, lifting, grasping, fingering, talking, hearing, and repetitive motions.  Must be able to perform medium work exerting up to 50lbs of force occasionally, and/or up to 20lbs of force frequently, and/up to 10lbs of force constantly to lift or move objects.  Must possess the visual acuity to operate mechanic tools and equipment, read work orders, and operate a motor vehicle safely.  Must be able to express and exchange ideas verbally and written, and must convey information accurately.




Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school supplemented by course work in a variety of inspection specialties and considerable experience in mechanical and electrical plan review and inspections.  Data Center inspection experience a plus.




Must  possess and maintain a valid NC drivers license. Must be familiar with common computer functions and terms.  Possession of a minimum of Level III Probationary North Carolina Inspection Certification in all four trade areas ( building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical)with the ability to obtained standard certification within one year .



Range: $40,263 - $59,770


General Statement of Duties


Performs general duty law enforcement work to protect life and property in the City.


                                                    Distinguishing Features of the Class


An employee in this class performs a full range of general law enforcement duties.  Work includes patrolling the City during an assigned shift in a police car or on foot; preventing, detecting and investigating disturbances and crime; performing traffic control work; apprehending suspects; and executing related assignments.  Employees must exercise judgment, initiative and calm control when performing duties; more difficult problems are normally carried out under the direction of or in conjunction with a Police Sergeant assigned to the same shift.  Work involves frequent public contact which requires tact, firmness and decisiveness.  Work is performed in accordance with departmental policy and state and federal law, supplemented with specific directions from superior officers.  Employees are subject to hazards associated with law enforcement work including working in both inside and outside environments, in extreme hot and cold weather, and exposure to various hazards such as dangerous persons, loud noises, and hazardous spills with fumes, oils, gases, or flammable liquids.  Work is subject to the final OSHA standards on blood borne pathogens.  Work is performed under regular  supervision and is evaluated through observation, monitoring radio traffic, discussion, and review of reports for adherence to laws, department procedures, and proper judgment.


                                                           Duties and Responsibilities


Essential Duties and Tasks

Patrols streets in a police car, on bicycle or on foot; checks doors and windows; examines premises of unoccupied residences or buildings; detects unusual conditions, may maintain surveillance and observation for stolen cars, missing persons, or suspects; report dangerous or defective streets, sidewalks, traffic lights, or other hazardous conditions.

Responds to calls for assistance, complaints, suspicious activity, domestic disputes, loud and disruptive behavior; completes calls by determining true nature of the situation and taking whatever legal or persuasive action is warranted.

Investigates traffic accidents; issues traffic citation; directs traffic and participates in other emergency operation activities; conducts special traffic checkpoints to enforce seatbelt, alcohol, speed, or other laws; operates radar and intoxilyzer equipment.

Performs investigations of accidents or possible crimes through observation, questioning witnesses, and gathering physical evidence; performs investigative tasks, arrests and processes criminal suspects; presents findings in court.

Issues citations for violation of traffic regulations, serves warrants; apprehends and processes criminal suspects and transports to magistrate and/or County detention facilities.

Regulates and directs vehicular traffic at busy times at local schools and when traffic signal malfunctions or accidents require.

Operates a two-way radio to receive instructions and information from or to report information to police headquarters; maintains vehicle, weapons and other equipment in standards working order.

Prepares records and reports of activities.

Advises the public on laws and local ordinances; serves papers as needed.

Assists stranded motorists; gives information and directions to visitors and the general public.

May serve on special traffic squad.


Additional Job Duties

Performs other related duties as required.

                                                  Recruitment and Selection Guidelines


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Considerable knowledge of state and federal laws, local ordinances and policies of the police department, especially relating to search and seizure, traffic control, pursuit, and arrest.

Working knowledge of law enforcement principles, practices, methods and equipment.

Some knowledge of scientific crime detection and criminal identification methods and procedures.

Some knowledge of the application of information technology to law enforcement work.

Skill in the use of firearms and other police equipment and in the application of self-defense tactics.

Skill in collaborative conflict resolution.

Ability to act with sound judgment in routine and emergency situations.

Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written forms.

Ability to present effective court testimony.

Ability to prepare clear and concise activity reports.

Ability to build and maintain cooperative and effective public relations with the citizens.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and other public officials.


Physical Requirements

Must be able to physically perform the basic life operational functions of standing, walking, hearing, kneeling, reaching, feeling, grasping, pushing, pulling, bending, climbing, crawling, fingering, and performing repetitive motions.

Must be able to perform medium work exerting up to 50 pound of force occasionally; 20 pounds frequently; and 10 pounds constantly.

Must possess the visual acuity to operate a police vehicle and distinguish details and differences when observing people, places, or things on patrol.       


Desirable Experience and Education

Graduation from high school and completion of basic law enforcement training; possession of a Basic Law Enforcement Certificate; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Special Requirements

Before assignment to sworn duties, employees must possess a valid North Carolina driver's license and have completed at least the minimum requirements established by the North Carolina Justice Training and Standards Commission for certified law enforcement officers. 


Kings Mountain




Hourly Salary:             $12.23

The City of Kings Mountain is currently accepting applications for volunteer firefighters.

Please submit an application by either printing out application and mailing to City of Kings Mountain, Human Resources Department, PO Box 429, Kings Mountain, NC 28086 OR apply through your local ESC Office.





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