KM Tourism Development Authority (TDA) Board

About the Board:

The Kings Mountain Tourism Authority collects a portion of the City's occupancy tax and redistributes the monies as financial grants to non-profit organizations to promote travel and tourism in Kings Mountain.  The Authority has five members, two representing local hoteliers and three positions that are appointed by the mayor.


Meetings are held monthly on the Tuesday before council meetings at 3:00pm in the Administration Conference Room at City Hall.
City Hall
101 West Gold Street
Kings Mountain NC 28086


Members serve a 2 year term, with a limit of 3 terms.
Member Name Position Term Expires
Rodney Gordon Chairman 6/30/2016 (2nd term)
Rick Moore Member 6/30/2016 (2nd term)
Kemp Mauney Member 6/30/2017 (2nd term)
Margaret Hoover Member 6/30/2017 (1st term)
Kamlesh Patel Member 6/30/2017 (1st term)